Deployable Getaway

for the Office

LIQUIFER IN-house project co-funded by Departure – the creative agency of the City of Vienna [BI1]*

The Deployable Getaway for the Office is a mobile, ergonomic and transformable ‘cocoon-like’ structure that employees may utilize during the work day for the purpose of rejuvenation. Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that a 20-30 minute nap in the office will improve the performance and productivity of employees by up to 30 percent. In the workplace, the power nap is harder to achieve due to busy office environments, the envy of colleagues, and the lack of proper facilities.

For occupational health reasons it is critical that people that work long hours get enough rest which will keep them healthier and their work performance at a higher level. The Deployable Getaway for the Office is elegantly designed furniture that can be folded in different ways to permit different activities. It may function as a workstation or as a retreat from work and the office bustle.

LIQUIFER team   Waltraut Hoheneder, Barbara Imhof, René Waclavicek, Kaspar Vogel, Anna Stürzenbecher

* [BI1] one entity or more are funding this activity through Departure

Image credit: Bruno Stubenrauch