Communicating the ongoing developments of projects and their outcomes is important for generating knowledge that reaches beyond any one project. At LIQUIFER, we believe that outreach and the dissemination of important project milestones contributes to the advancement of other projects with similar research goals. LIQUIFER is committed to generating a wide-spread interest in space exploration and seeks to reach people, globally, to become interested in this field of research and development.

LIQUIFER excels at meeting the public using a wide range of different channels. From published books, conference papers and articles, to radio broadcasts featuring experts of many domains, international lectures, and exhibitions in leading cultural institutes around the world. LIQUIFER aims to stay in the foreground of exploration and is engaged in continuous learning. LIQUIFER team members participate in expeditions exploring the boundary conditions and extreme environments of earth in places like Antarctica and the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific. Numerous articles have been published about LIQUIFER.