Deployable Getaway

for Space Stations

for the International Space Station

2007 – 2009
LIQUIFER in-house project co-funded by the Austrian Aeronautics and Space Agency (ALR) of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FGG) as part of ASAP 5

 The concept of a deployable getaway stems from the problem of fatigue and its impact on both the quality of life and work performance. Fatigue can lead to irritated moods, concentration problems and slower reflexes. It increases the risk of accidents and can lead to burnout syndrome.

The deployable getaway is a three-dimensional countermeasure to everyday stress and fatigue. Design and breadboard development for a deployable crew quarter cabin at the International Space Station (ISS) is conceived providing a private space for relaxation, reflection, and power naps that can lead to better health, performance, and safety of people that are exposed to a constant demand for high work performance.

A deployable getaway for staff members in an office environment is simultaneously prototyped by LIQUIFER, demonstrating solutions to fatigue in the work place both on earth and in space, in consideration of the gravitational conditions. Both designs employ folding geometries and deployability aspects as a response to the limited space available in small offices and ISS modules.

LIQUIFER team   Waltraut Hoheneder, Barbara Imhof, René Waclavicek, Kaspar Vogel, Anna Stürzenbecher

Image credit © Bruno Stubenrauch