Living Beyond Earth. Architecture for Extreme Environments

On April 2nd 2024, Barbara Imhof was invited to a talk at the art academy in Tallinn – EKA. The dean of the architecture faculity Sille Pihlak welcomed LIQUIFER member for an open lecture titled “Living Beyond Earth. Architecture for Extreme Environments”.

The lecture transports us to space and beyond, showcasing a spectrum of space architecture examples—from feasibility studies to cutting-edge technological developments. These examples include deployable simulation habitats, simulations of Mars missions in terrestrial analogs, and underwater mission simulations. Additionally, it will cover the conceptualisation and implementation of habitat modules for future space stations like the Gateway, as well as innovative greenhouses such as the EDEN ISS in Antarctica. Themes explored range from integrating biogenerative principles to envisioning self-sufficient human settlements on the moon and Mars. Throughout, the projects map the requirements of space exploration while emphasising ecological stewardship.