from subsea to moon 

LIQUIFER in-house project co-funded by COMEX & Delft University of Technology

The objective of the MEDUSA project is to test critical elements in the design and utilization of future inflatable habitats for the use on the moon, Mars, or in orbit. The concept is for the development of a fully submerged habitat segment in which elements such as internal living space,  Internal Vehicular Activity (IVA, life-support systems and Extravehicular activity (EVA) preparation zone can be integrated and validated. The habitat is conceived as an inflatable structure and includes an algae pods for producing nutrition supplements and oxygen and an exit port for access into the water.

The proposed project is a first step towards a proof-of-concept of several elements in the development of future inflatable habitats for space applications and could serve to validate IVA aspects.

LIQUIFER team  Barbara Imhof, Waltraut Hoheneder, René Waclavicek, Angelo Vermeulen

Collaborators  COMEX – France / Delft University of Technology – the Netherlands

Image credit: MEDUSA