Sea Edge Ecologies of the Future

Cove Park, Loch Long, Scotland, UK
Art residency
June 6th to July 1st 2022
Sea Edge Ecologies of the Future as part of City As A Spaceship (CAAS) 

Included participants: Barbara Imhof, Susmita Mohanty and Sue Fairburn and Rohini Devasher

We had the spaceship to ourselves and now we’re being asked to turn it into an amphibious ark.

Water is less explored than the stratosphere. It is otherworldly and strange, yet essential to all life. As the climate changed, bodies of water shifted their boundaries with land – rising, falling, flooding and receding, cooling and warming. In this century, our lived climatic contributions lead us to rising and warming at increasingly extreme levels – all evidence of the accelerated changes to come.

Cove Park sits at the boundary of water and land. Its’ semi-remote location has seen shifting geography, industry, society, and biology. Loch long, as residual ice, is evidence of a changed climate; continuous, forceful, and gaining speed. It’s long, deep, cold, dark and fresh, with buried history and thriving biology.