Information Center, Vienna International Airport

Permanent Exhibition by LIQUIFER at the Vienna International Airport
Since (2006-2007)

The VISITAIR Information Center at the Vienna International Airport permits the exchange of information between a broad spectrum of people and entities through the means of four interactive media stations, each dedicated to a specific topic. The integrative media stations are integrated into a horizontal information membrane, stretching 68 meters along the façade of the VISITAIR Center which reads as a dynamic oscillating surface. Topics include hard facts (departure and arrival times of flights, information on past, present and future events at the Vienna International Airport, and about institutions and services in Vienna); soundstation (informs visitors about the technical aspects of noise and provides a sound check feature allowing the user to manipulate sound and learn how noise is experienced subjectively); dialogue forum (provides a platform for open discussion between visitors, the airport community, neighbours within the airport region, and authorities); and the VICO-table (where people are invited to use computers to access airport publications).

LIQUIFER team   Waltraut Hoheneder, Barbara Imhof, René Waclavicek

Collaborators  UMA information technology, Vienna – Austria

Image credit: Bruno Stubenrauch