All Live Differently

Living In The Future

Competition – BUWOG, Vienna

All Live Differently is a housing structure that enables flexible accommodation of its different inhabitants. Fictional user profiles such as: conventional family, individual, small group, single parent, young couple, and patch work family are defined to aid in the creation of new apartment typologies. The design of the housing structure permits extra rooms to be added or subtracted to flats as life conditions of the occupants change.

Situated on the border of Viennese urban development, the building strives to bridge the two conditions of urban density and rural dispersion. The site is brought into the building with the provision of public spaces articulated in the form of paths and open spaces with differentiated green spaces permitting different activities and offering a variety of environmental conditions.

LIQUIFER team   Waltraut Hoheneder, Barbara Imhof, René Waclavicek

Collaborators  Architects – Nicole David and Alexa Zahn / Landscape design – 3:0 Elisabeth Esterer / Building physics – Gabriele Szeider / Strategy – Michaela Mischek

Image credit: Alle Wohnen Anders