BBC sounds – How are extraterrestrial spaces being designed?

Ella Al-Shamahi talks to two space architects from Austria and the US to hear about how living spaces will be created for the moon and beyond.  Barbara Imhof from Austria is a renowned space architect and co-founder of LIQUIFER Systems Group, specializing in designing sustainable habitats for space exploration. … Melodie Yashar is an Amercian […]

LIQUIFER. Living Beyond Earth – Architecture for Extreme Environments

rauminhalt_harald bichler – space & content, Vienna, Austria. Part of the series “Art and Science in Dialogue” 4.6.2024–11.7.2024 LIQUIFER. Living Beyond Earth – Architecture for Extreme Environments, With the exhibition “Living Beyond Earth”, LIQUIFER presents selected architectural models and prototypes for extreme environments in the gallery rauminhalt from June 4 to July 11, 2024, which […]

Astronauts Settle into Moon Orbit Habitat with Austrian Expertise

Austrian Press Agency. Before the “International Habitation Module” (Lunar I-Hab) orbits the Moon as part of the “Gateway” space station in a few years, astronauts need to familiarize themselves with the high-tech spaces. This is currently happening in Turin, where an initial test version of the I-Hab is located. The Vienna-based space architecture platform Liquifer […]

LIQUIFER exhibition

LIQUIFER. Living Beyond Earth.Architecture for extreme environments | The exhibition is part of the focus series: Art and science in dialogue; Opening 3.6.2024, 19:00–22:00 / Duration 4.6. – 11.7.2024 – Gallery rauminhalt / space & content, Schleifmühlgasse 13, 1040, Vienna

We design habitats for outer space

“Exploring the Final Frontier: A Glimpse into the Innovative World of Space Architecture with LIQUIFER”, article published by Fabio Meneghella. Blurb of the article: In the vast expanse of space, architecture takes on a new dimension, driven by necessity and functionality. Inspired by the harsh landscapes of the Moon and Mars, our designs prioritize environmental […]

LIQUIFER book presentation at ESPI

You are cordially invited to the book presentation and conversation LIQUIFER. Living Beyond Earth: Architecture for Extreme Environments, published by PARK books, Switzerland in November 2023. Monday, 13th May 2024, 18:00, European Space Policy Institute (ESPI), Schwarzenbergplatz 16, TOP 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria Event details: Introduction: Welcome by ESPI Head, Ludwig Möller, and an introduction […]

Lunar I-Hab Mock-up

Lunar I-Hab Mock-up acceptance review was a complete success! Under contract to Thales Alenia Space – Italy the Lunar I-Hab prime contractor, LIQUIFER Space Systems, located in Bremen, Germany, is managing the industrial consortium formed to design and manufacture the Mock-up. LIQUIFER is supported by SPARTAN SPACE of Marseilles, France, who is responsible for the […]

Living Beyond Earth. Architecture for Extreme Environments

On April 2nd 2024, Barbara Imhof was invited to a talk at the art academy in Tallinn – EKA. The dean of the architecture faculity Sille Pihlak welcomed LIQUIFER member for an open lecture titled “Living Beyond Earth. Architecture for Extreme Environments”. The lecture transports us to space and beyond, showcasing a spectrum of space […]


Leben im All, 6. March 2024, 17:30 (in German). Barbara Imhof in an interview with Monika Fischer, podcast as part of the Austrian broadcasting station Radio Klassik.

Fused Layer Deposition

Fused Fiber Layer Deposition (FFLD) of Lunar regolith June 2023 – November 2024 European Space Agency (ESA) project In future lunar explorations, In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) is key, with Additive Manufacturing (AM) using lunar regolith as feedstock offering independence from Earth and enhancing sustainability. Methods such as lasers, microwaves, and concentrated sunlight have been suggested […]

LIQUIFER. Living Beyond Earth

Architecture for Extreme Environments published by PARK BOOKS Designing in the extreme: LIQUIFER Systems Group pushes the boundaries of all living spaces and develops projects and prototypes for the future in space and on Earth LIQUIFER. Living Beyond Earth is the first book to present the practice’s groundbreaking work. It features spectacular images and visualizations, […]

LIQUIFER. Living Beyond Earth

Designing in the extreme: LIQUIFER Systems Group pushes the boundaries of all living spaces and develops projects and prototypes for the future in space and on Earth. Edited by LIQUIFER Systems Group, Jennifer Cunningham, 2023, PARK BOOKS, ISBN 978-3-03860-345-0 – buy here >  

Podcast interview

A new interview with LIQUIFER about space architecture, how we work and what project we currently develop and how science fiction inspires us … with René Waclavicek, Waltraut Hoheneder and Barbara Imhof as guests with Philipp Weichert, Niklas and Orti from GÖTTERKOMPLEX

How to make roads on the Moon

/ Laser melting manufacturing of large elements of lunar regolith simulant for paving on the Moon, a scientific article about project PAVER, an ESA contract under the lead of BAM-Berlin partnering with TU-Clausthal, the Hochschule in Aalen and LIQUIFER was published in Nature Scientific Reports  

Austria in Space : Space Architecture

This is how we will live on the moon and Mars Houses made of dust, inflatable space stations and greenhouses for hostile places: Viennese space architect Barbara Imhof designs buildings for space, by Martin Stepanek in Der Standard 24.9.2023  

Planetary Skins

Barbara Imhof was part of an art performance organised by Vienna-based artists Sylvia Eckermann & Gerald Nestler at Galerie Thoman Innsbruck. Watch the performance here or read more here. May 27 2023

Conversation on future food cultures

As part of our annual SynBio4Flav meet-up the team organised a panel discussion on future food cultures moderated by Barcelona-based Michele Catanzaro, a Freelance Journalist and Lecturer in Science Journalism. Speaking alongside Michele were Ana Merino, a Senior Regulatory Scientist at Atova Regulatory Consulting in Barcelona, Francesco Visioli, a Professor of Human Nutrition in the Department of Molecular […]

Space Architecture Technical Committee Gathering

Barbarba Imhof was one of the speakers during the one day hybrid event in LA organised by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Other speakers included Olga Bannova, Melodie Yashar, Sandra Haeuplik-Meusburger, Marc M. Cohen, Brand Griffin, Alma Kugic, Paolo Caratelli, Vittorio Netti, Thambi Thangavelu and Sam Ximenes.


Recycling of hardware for Moon and Martian settlement September 2022 – February 2024 ESA Express Procurement Plus – EXPRO+ Nowadays, human Moon and Mars exploration, and the consequent desire to establish a permanent settlement on their surface, represents one of the most fascinating challenge to face. The permanent presence of a human outpost very far […]

The Bartlett Lectures

As part of the new Bio-Integrated Design Masters Course at UCL, London, Barbara Imhof was invited to give a lecture on Space Architecture and Bio-Integrated Design. 17 March 2023

Space Designer

The LIQUIFER team were interviewed about extraterrestrial ideas and sustainable ideas for outer space and Earth by journalist Michaela Veit-Wailzer at Signature Magazine. (Text in German). February 2023

Designing for Earth by living in Space

Barbara Imhof shows how architecture is developing beyond the boundaries of our planet to study zero-waste housing systems, in which every available resource becomes essential for survival. This talk was given at a TEDx event in Mestre, Italy, using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. 13 NOV 2022

This is (not) rocket science!

Space science informed by Citizen Scientists Initiated by the Vienna Museum of Science and Technology, LIQUIFER and 10 other research partners are generating a platform to reflect upon developments in space science which will affect our future in Space and on Earth. During the project children and young people will take on the role of […]

Czech Space Week 2022

As part of a panel on ‘Prospective directions in space research with high commercial and scientific potential’ , René Waclavicek was in conversation with Julie Dobrovolná, Head of Molecular Metabolism and Chronic Diseases at Masaryk University, Czech Republic, and Vratislav Šálený from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno University of Technology. Space Week 2022 was held at Brno planetarium.

LUWEX water on the moon

Validation of Lunar Water Extraction and Purification Technologies for In-Situ Propellant and Consumables Production November 2022 – October 2024 EU-HORIZON project funded under GA 101081937 LUWEX website > The utilisation of available local resources is key to a sustainable human presence on the moon or Mars and beyond. Indications for the availability of local raw […]

When two space architects meet …

Interview for FLUTER with Waltraut Hoheneder and Barbara Imhof discuss learning from planning space habitats for building on Earth. (interview in German) by Interview: Benjamin Breitegger. (FLUTER – Magazine of the Federal Agency for Civic Education)

Frederick Kiesler: Arts and Correalities.

Barbara Imhof gives a talk entitles ‘Homo Spatius’ during the ‘Archeology of the future//Prospective scenarios of the past: Activation for the here and now, current discourse’ segment of  the symposium. To be held in Auditorium, University of Applied Arts Vienna. 20 Oct 2022

Book launch and round table

Co-Corporeality: Of Humans, Machines & Microbes Book launch for the publication from the FWF project Co-Corporeality. Editors Barbara Imhof, Daniela Mitterberger and Tiziano Derme invite guests to discuss the cultural and scientific relevance of observing the environment at different scales in order to understand ecological relations and co-corporealities. Hosted by Zentrum Fokus Forschung, University of […]

Going to the moon with ARTEMIS

SPACE SPECIALS podcast: Barbara Imhof and Niamh Shaw are in conversation about humans going to the moon, with contributions from Sian Cleaver from Airbus, NASA Astronauts Doug Hurley and Rick Mastraccio (now working on SLS at Northrup Grumman) and NASA astronaut Stan Love. Listen here. 19 September 2022  

Co-Corporeality of Humans, Machines, & Microbes

New open access BOOK out! Developed through the artistic research project Co-Corporeality, edited by 

Barbara Imhof, Daniela Mitterberger and Tiziano Derme, Birkhäuser, 2022. Funded by the FWF – Austrian research Fund. Published in the series Edition Angewandte. Copy-edited by Jennifer Cunningham.


of Humans, Machines & Microbes OPEN ACCESS On architecture, AI, and microbiology The theory of Co-Corporeality is based on a conception of the built environment as a biological entity that opens up a space for coexistence and interaction between humans and microbial life. Based on design-led research, this book explores how we can develop environments […]

Humans in Space

SPACE SPECIALS podcast: Niamh Shaw speaks with astronaut Bob Thirsk about living on space station and the ESA general director Josef Aschbacher about his passion for space. Listen here. 12 July 2022


Working with ‘models’ is an exhibition in the windows of the studio Steinbrener/Dempf & Huber, Glockengasse/Rotensterngasse, Vienna. Along with a group of local artists and architects LIQUIFER were invited to exhibit as part of EINS ZU HUNDERT. LIQUIFER responded with a poster describing the human relationship to cosmic scales, giving visual examples of an astronaut […]


EINS ZU HUNDERT (1:100)23. June – 20. August 2022 Working with models – an exhibition in the windows of the studio Steinbrener/Dempf & Huber, Glockengasse/Rotensterngasse, 1020 Wien Along with a group of local artists and architects LIQUIFER were invited to exhibit in the windows of the artist studio Steinbrener/Dempf & Huber. Each group was given a […]

Zero Gravity

LIQUIFER are exhibiting their ISS Sleep Kit as part of a Summer exhibition at Raum für Kunst, Düsseldorf, Germany. The exhibition explores zero gravity’s “islands of stability” in Outer Space. Works shown are by members of Spartnic, The Weightless Artists Association. 10 – 25 June 2022

Zero Gravity

  ZERO GRAVITY 10 – 25 June 2022 LIQUIFER are exhibiting their ISS Sleep Kit as part of a Summer exhibition at Raum für Kunst, Düsseldorf, Germany. The exhibition explores zero gravity’s “islands of stability” in Outer Space. Works shown are by members of Spartnic, The Weightless Artists Association: Aljoscha, Dmitrij Dihovichnij,  David Fried, Max […]


HOMO SPATIUS 30 November 2021 – 30 January 2022 LIQUIFER are exhibiting their RegoLight project as part of a three-month long exhibition at the Cité du design, Saint Etienne, France. The exhibition explores the intersections and influences of space exploration and design. In collaboration with the Centre national d’études spatiales (Cnes), the show reflects an […]

Building Beyond Lecture

As part of The Bartlett International Lectures Spring 2022, Barbara Imhof, space architect and design researcher and Sonya Dyer, artist and writer, gave lectures before engaging in a dialogue about their work exploring extreme realities and fictions of living in deep space.

OFR Culture Monday

The space architect Barbara Imhof shows the lunar modules of LIQUIFER in a segment on Infinite Expanses in OFR’s Culture Monday. Watch from 23:50 here. FEB 7 2022


Paving the road for large area sintering of regolith June 2021 – December 2022European Space Agency (ESA) project A prerequisite for future human exploration of the Moon will be the manufacture of objects directly on the lunar surface, as transporting materials from Earth is extremely expensive. As for any form of manufacturing, the availability of […]

Wait a Minute

Recorded in Vienna and Los Angeles and edited by Andrea Lenardin and Peter Noever, Wait a Minute documents snapshots from a suspended moment within a global pandemic from a select group of artists, architects, and thinkers with feet in both Vienna and Los Angeles. Barbara Imhof was one of over 30 contributors who considered the […]

Homo Spatius: Space Designers

LIQUIFER are exhibiting their RegoLight project as part of a three-month long exhibition at the Cité du design, Saint Etienne, France. The exhibition explores the intersections and influences of space exploration and design. In collaboration with the Centre national d’études spatiales (Cnes), the show reflects an interest in the challenges of design for a transition to […]

How can humans live on Mars?

Interview with space architect Dr Barbara Imhof and US scientist Prof Bruce Jakosky on Servus TV’s show P.M. Wissen. Presenter Dr Gernot Grömer looks into visions in science, and in this show focusses on designing for space. [Deutsch sprachen, von 9:00 minuten] 28. OCT  

Long Night of the Museums

Temporary Exhibition by LIQUIFER as part of Night of the Long Museums 2 October 2021 LIQUIFER were invited to show their work as part of the ‘Night of the Long Museums’ in Vienna. Museums throughout Austria and in parts of Slovenia, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Germany extend their opening hours on the same night for the […]


A panel discussion was held as part of the ‘Concrete Poetry and Such’ transdisciplinary, experimental symposium at the Kunsthaus Muerz. Moderated  by Roman Grabner, Barbara Imhof was in conversation with Mathias Benedek, creativity and intelligence researcher, University of Graz; Sarah Khan, freelance writer, Berlin; Nikolai Tunkowitsch, musician and violin maker, Vienna and Renate C.-Z.-Quehenberger, philosopher […]


Gerald Bast, Anderwald + Grond, Alex Arteaga, Tiziano Derme and Daniela Mitterberger, Barbara Imhof and Clemens Preisinger in a conversation moderated by Alexander Damianisch discuss the projects of the Angewandte’s Zentrum Fokus Forschung (Focus Research Centre) of the Angewandte at the Venice Biennale. Watch the conversation here. 25 SEPT 2021

Promise of Space Architecture

Barbara Imhof interviews two young space architects for another Radio Orange Space Special. Monika Lipinska and Vittorio Netti talk about about their path into the field, their current work and their dreams. 20 Sep 2021

Autumn 2021 Newsletter

LIQUIFER sent out their Autumn Newsletter to subscribers in September, reflecting on the past months of conversations, exhibitions and projects. You can read it here and subscribe here. 13 September 2021  


for Re-Edited, the inaugural issue of ADATO, Waltraut Hoheneder, René Waclavicek and Barbara Imhof wrote an article about when outerspace architecture becomes a rolemodel for rethinking conventional habitats. 26 Aug 2021

Experimental Architecture Biennale Symposium

The LIQUIFER Team present their work as part of a three session symposium with the ROBOTIC BUILDING team at TU Delft and FLOW, CVUT Prague. This is the closing event for the fifth Experimental Architecture Biennale in Prague, looking at Novel Innovations in Architectural practice. 9 August 2021

Human Performance in Space

new Space Specials PODCAST – listen to Human Performance in Space. Barbara Imhof speaks to Dr. Virginia Wotring, professor at the International Space University in Strasbourg and human performance researcher for NASA.


Following a screening of the Austrian space film SPACE DOGS, Franziska Bechtold moderated a panel discussion with Barbara Imhof; Moritz Novak, TU Wien Space Team; historian Christian Klösch and Norbert Frischauf, Österreichisches Weltraum Forum / Austrian Space Forum. They talked about the development of space travel and their visions for the future. 14 July 2021

Novel Innovations

Temporary Exhibition by LIQUIFER with the Experimental Architecture Biennale30 June – 20 August 2021   Liquifer were invited to show their RegoLight project as part of Novel Innovations, the 5th Volume of the Prague Experimental Architecture Biennial (EAB) at the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery over the summer. Experimental Architecture Biennial is a unique platform focused on […]

Experimental Architecture Biennial

30 June – 20 August 2021. Liquifer were invited to show their RegoLight project as part of Novel Innovations, the 5th Volume of the Prague Experimental Architecture Biennial (EAB) at the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery over the summer. EAB introduces new proposals that open and support the local discourse on new architectural and design approaches in […]

Excavations from humans, machines and microbes

29 June – 2 July 2021. Cocorporeality will show their first episode of three exhibitions during the Angewandte Festival in VZA EG, Raum 030-031 at the university. “Excavations” demonstrates Machine Learning moderated interactions between humans and living materials in an unorthodox laboratory setting.

ESERO Austria – Building for space

Building for Space, 1 June 2021 Barbara Imhof presents as part of the ESERO Austria symposium two space architecture projects: the International Habitat Module of the Lunar Gateway Space Station, which is to be built in lunar orbit from 2026 onwards, and the Regolight project, which uses the lunar resources of sunlight and sand to […]

Reciprocities: the earth – space continuum.

Reciprocities: the earth – space continuum. 18 May 2021 Barbara Imhof in conversation with space architects Christina Ciardullo and Marc Cohen about how space and earth architecture can be connected and what diffentiates them from each other. Radio Orange podcast. Listen here.


Smart Resource Management based on Internet of Things to support off-Earth manufacturing of lunar infrastructures (SMARTIE) March 2021 – November 2021 European Space Agency (ESA) project SMARTIE is an inclusive feasibility study analysing the requirements for future network infrastructures considering items such as data management and budget to exploit and optimize Moon Factories Management and […]

Of spacesuits and other “dress codes” for space

Barbara Imhof speaks to Annalisa Dominoni and Brand Griffin about clothes, garments and spacesuits for astronauts for this Radio Orange Broadcast. Annalisa Dominoni is a designer and professor at the Politecnico di Milano and Brand Griffin is the Program Manager for a Single-Person Spacecraft at Genesis Engineering Solutions. Listen here. 16 March 2021

The pioneers of space architecture

Barbara Imhof, Waltraut Hoheneder and René Waclavicek in discussion with Birgit Eller Krumm for KAP A podcast about art, culture and architecture. LIQUIFER discuss building for weightlessness, possibilities for lunar settlement, science fiction films and why space architecture can also broaden horizons for life on Earth. 6 March 2021

Simulators and Simulations

A Space Architecture Gathering with AIAA LA-LV Section, Barbara Imhof gives a talk about SHEE, MOONWALK and EDEN ISS in the Session “Simulators and Simulations“ joining guests Prof. Madhu Thangavelu, Prof. Bernard Foing – Advanced Projects, European Space Agency, Dr. Pascal Lee – Mars Institute, Dr. Angelo Vermeulen – SEADS Network, Dr. Bob Zubrin – Mars […]

Dream Big

RADIO ORANGE BROADCAST with Irish engineer, scientist, writer and performer Niamh Shaw recently voted one of Ireland’s leading science communicators and STEAM specialists (merging science, technology, engineering, arts and maths). Niamh believes in Dreaming Big and is on a mission to get to Space. 15 DEC 2020

Out of this world architecture

WIA-E Rome invited Barbara Imhof, internationally active space architect, design researcher, educator and co-founder of LIQUIFER Vienna and Bremen to give a lecture exploring the implications of space as an environment for future habitation. 15 Dec 2020

Architecture in Space

René Waclavicek invited by Society of Engineering Students to give a Lunch Lecture at the Aerospace Engineering Faculty, TU Delft, The Netherlands. 14 December 2020

The Moon Bar

Nelly-Ben Hayoun interviews Barbara Imhof as part of a non-stop multiperspective conversation for The University of the Underground Multiverse Programme. 7 Dec 2020

Digital Futures: Space Architecture

Barbara Imhof in conversation with Melodie Yashar, SEArch+; Madhu Thangavelu, USC; Enrico Dini, D-Shape and Valentia Sumini, MIT Media Lab as part of the Digital Futures series hosted by Tongji University, Shanghai. For the 10th Anniversary conversations will address the implications of Covid 19 for the future of architecture and urban design. Watch here. 14 […]


Barbara Imhof, Lucie Strecker, Barbis Ruder, Kerstin Bennier, Daniel Aschwanden, Thomas Jelinek amongst others developed and were actors in a collaborative habitat simulation and performance. Online & at the ODEON Spitzer, Vienna. 6 & 7 November 2020

Humans of Space

Barbara Imhof, Austrian Space Architect, Creator of Habitats & Designer in conversation with Dr. Niamh Shaw, a writer/performer, scientist and award-winning communicator with a mad passion for sharing space with the public. Listen here. 28 October 2020

Exploring the peripheries of outer space

RADIO ORANGE BROADCAST with artists and designers Joseph Popper and Sitraka Rakotoniaina who probe the materialisation of futures through public co-enquires. In this conversation we discuss how they have used outer space futures as narratives for artistic construction and practices of collective imagination. 19 OCT 2020

Outer Space Architecture Panel

StarDust Squad Online International Science Congress. Barbara Imhof speaks on the Outer Space Architecture panel with: Samer El-Sayary, Mars City Design Ambassador for the Middle East Olga Bannova, Director, SICSA Melodie Yashar, co-founder of Space Exploration Architecture (SEArch+) Xavier De Kastelier, Principal / Head of Design Technology and Innovation at Hassel Kriss J. Kennedy, Space […]

Stories about humans, machines and microbes

Co-Corporeality board member workshop to investigate the potential of narratives in architectural themes beyond the usual building project. Barbara Imhof moderates a series of presentations and a panel conversation with board members of the Co-Corporeality project. Presentations to be given by: Petra Gruber, Associate Professor, BRIC Core Faculty, Mary Schiller Myers School of Art and […]

Women in Space

IoT Tribe Space Endeavour Design Studios I ESA Phi-Week 11:30 – 13:30 CEST Moderated by Brendan Rowan • Clara Grigore, COO, Société Genérale • Barbara Imhof, CEO & Co-Founder, Liquifer • Ghizlaine Amrani, Co-Founder, QuantCube Technology • Skevi Perdikou, Co-Founder, Geofem 30 September 2020

How to reinvent your business models after COVID-19

Alongside prominent international space figures such as Jan Wörner, ESA Director General and Nick Appleyard, Head of Space Solutions at ESA, Barbara Imhof discusses how we can use space to improve life on Earth during and after the coronavirus pandemic. Replay of a discussion between European experts on how to reinvent your business model in […]